My parents, being my parents, are out of town for the weekend - something I didn't know was going to happen until approximately 16 hours before they left, when they've been planning it for weeks.

But whatever. The end result of this is that it's just me and my brother for the weekend, which works out well, as it meant we could have pizza and cheesecake for dinner last night and watch "The Blind Banker," because my brother is an idiot who after however many years is only on the second episode of Sherlock. Granted, he just started watching it yesterday, but after seeing the fuss mom and I threw over it, god, 3 years ago when it first came out, I think he'd have watched it before now. I mean, he watched Sharknado. I though he would have watched Sherlock too.

Now, I love Sherlock, but I'd forgotten how much I could ship John/Sherlock. Granted, it's not my favorite ship in the universe, but I still enjoy it, and so now I'm awash in Enjorlas/Grantaire feels and Steve/Tony feels and John/Sherlock feels. Not to mention the wonderful terrible emotional roller coaster that is writing what is, essentially, a "Tao of Rodney" rewrite for AJ.

I literally spent two hours crying into my pillow last night instead of sleeping. I may have gotten really carried over on the McShep feels, but, god, I'm going to have to mail you guys all Kleenex before I post it because the next chappie really is a tear-jerker. Maybe the worst I've ever written. And I say that having written some very sad ones.

But anyway, the big bosses are coming to work today to check that everything's festive enough, and I've been listening to really sad music on 8tracks and reading a John/Sherlock baby!fic that is 4 parts crack and 6 parts amazing and restarting a Enjorlas/Grantaire terrorist assassins fic that is a rough emotional roller coster of its own and working on the last chappie of "Ascensiones" all at the same time, so I'm an emotional wreck and just about to into work....

So let's see how it goes.
I liked BBC Sherlock, but I can't seem to get into it like others. Same for RDJ's Sherlock; I enjoy the movies/tv show, I see the shippiness, but the fervent interest is just not there. Even the promise of AMAZING fic isn't enough to help. I don't know what's up with that.

Poor bb; you're sick and awash with feels. Hopefully the fic will help with that? I still need to read the terrorist assassin's fic...

Being told the next chapter is a real tear-jerker AND perhaps the worst you've ever written has me preemptively sad. I both cannot wait and am dreading the next chapter (due to the sadness I'm sure it'll cause).
I can only read Sherlock fic when I'm in a certain mood, and only then the stuff by this one author whose DW stuff I loved.

Read the terrorist assassins one. It is really good, even if the first bit is a little left field.

And the next chappie is thru the worst of the tears, writing wise, but they're not over yet. If it makes you feel any better, the next fic is going to be the "Sunday" rewrite.
The terrorist assassin's one is the first fic I'm going to read as soon as SGA Santa is done :D It looks really good.

Sooooo nervous about the next chappie :P
it is. I'm rereading it now.

*I*'m nervous about the next chappie. I'm so insanely nervous its making writing it almost impossible.