FAN FIC RECS: Twilight

A selection of assorted fanfics encompassing the entirety of Twilight, arranged by appropriate ship. Suggestions for additions are always welcome.


This Is My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased by Minisinoo: Why, after more than two centuries alone, did Carlisle break down and turn a 17-year-old boy? He told Bella it was because Edward's mother had demanded it, but in all his years of life, surely she wasn't the first. Why did this boy get under his skin so?

Leah Clearwater / Jacob Black

Leah's Sunrise by ForeverWithoutHim: It only took death for him to realize how much he loved her." For anyone who ever wondered "what-if" for Leah and Jacob. "What-if" Jacob had never broken away? "What-if" he hadn't imprinted? "What-if" life was completely different?

The Rules of a Relationship by LuciMarlena: Yes, there are rules for a relationship. Especially when you're in a "relationship" with Leah Clearwater.