Marvel: The Civil War

I, being me, have read a lot of those pop culture and philosophy books. And, having read the Iron Man and Avengers ones, I wanted to see what the Civil War event was all about. Because it sounded immensely interesting to me. Because I'm like that.

So I ordered Marvel: Civil War (Civil War #1-7) and Civil War: Iron Man (Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War, Iron Man #13-14, Civil War: The Confession). I spent most of yesterday reading the first (while playing Civilization V, and possibly achieving the teenage dream a decade too late) and have gotten thru the first story of the second today.

And I gotta tell you, if you ever read one comic book, you need to read the Casualties of War, because, god, does it read like a really angst-y Steve/Tony fic. And the artwork mirrors that so well that I can't be sure that they didn't intend for the homoerotic subtext that runs rampant thru it - but that, as we fan girls well know, may be giving the authors too much credit.

But let me tell you why I love it: It's just Steven and Tony talking - which devolves into a fistfight, of course, but the kind of angst fistfight that, if they were a male-female pair, would have quickly turned into a Slap-Slap-Kiss scene worthy of BSG. Some of the fight panels certainly could have easily turned that way...

Anyway, let me leave you with a couple of bits of the dialogue:

Tony: See, that's the problem here. It's that you can't see things from my perspective. Because it's predicated on the premise that superheroes make mistakes. And you're Captain America. You don't make mistakes.

Steve: I- There was that time during the Korvac Affair... I was frustrated, I yelled at you for no reason, even took a swing-

Tony: You spouted off once. That we both remember it proves my point. Let's face it - if everyone were like you, we wouldn't need registration. But we're not. Everyone feels inadequate next to you. God knows I always have.

Steve: You-? Tony, you're brilliant. Successful. One of the richest men in the world.

Tony: Yes I am. So if I get that way, imagine how kids like Cloak and Dagger feel. They idolize you, Steve. We all do.

And add to that a couple panels later:

Steve: Don't. Don't make this personal.

Tony: I think it's a lot more personal than either one of us realized. You're the perfect man. You live by ideals and standard that are... more than outdated. They're impossible for for anyone but you. And when you're confronted by the shades of gray, when people inevitably disappoint you because people are flawed, you do what you've always done when the going gets tough. You dig in your heels and fight even harder. Never mind whether you can win. Sometimes I think you'd rather go out in a blaze of glory than face reality.

And then, after a few minutes of Tony spilling all the terrible things he saw would happen, that would have happened if he hadn't supported the registration, we get Tony begging Steve:

Tony: What do you think I'm trying to do? From day one, I've been trying to keep this from getting as bad as I know it can be. And from day one, you've been fighting me. Now it's come to this: Bill dead, old friends at each other's throats, families torn apart. I know terrible things have happened and I hate it. I hate that we're this pattern of mutually assured destruction - you escalate, I escalate. Tell me, Steve! Tell me what I can do! What can I do to make it stop?

Steve: Join me. Denounce the act and help me fight it.

And then we get the homoerotic fight scene, overlaid with panels from a previous comic, where they were first becoming friends, with some of the most heartbreaking appropriated dialogue, and it's like I don't want any more otp feels. I am currently so awash with Enjorlas/Grantaire feels that I just can't deal with Steve/Tony right now.

I never read a comic book before yesterday. Today my heart is breaking and I may have to order some more from the Civil War event just because it is such beautiful pain. I think I may actually be heartbroken enough now to write the next scene for the AJ 'verse....
Angsty Steve/Tony feels mixed up with Enjolras/Grantaire feels? How are you not collapsing from all the pain?