So my Xmas break has begun, meaning I actually got to sleep in today. Which was positively lovely. And after conquering civilization in Civ 5 for a while, I went out with my brother to get the Xbox One. Because he was good and waited until after finals to buy it.

And then when we got home, we discovered our grades had finally been posted for the semester.

I managed to get an A- in my bs health class, my java class, and calculus (which really surprised me) and a B+ in my physics class, which I'm proud of because it's a hard class and the average was like 76.

My brother, of course, managed to get all As, which is just irritating, not because I don't want the best for him, but because it prompted my mom to say - jokingly - that if you'd only tried a little bit harder... And I know it's a joke, but it's also like, Dad's going to come back later and say the exact same thing and mean it. Nevermind that I was working all this semester, in hard classes, and let's not forget the 8 weeks I spent working 40 hours a week keeping the department going while my boss was out with her wrist.

Oh well, I'm happy with my grades. And now I'm going to destroy a few more civilizations before trying to write some more.
I think you did awesomely, congrats on the grades! *hugs* And now just make the most of all the free time you have, and relax a bit :) Kick some civilization ass :D
:D I did destroy the other civilizations pretty badly....

Thanks bb. That's exactly my plan.
Oh man, congratulations! I probably would have failed all those classes, lol. Don't let your dad bring you down - you've done excellent!