Today was my last final. It was calculus and I probably should have studied more, but I passed the maximal caring threshold about 9am Wednesday after teetering on it for the better part of the previous three weeks. I love school, I really do, but I prefer to learn for my own enjoyment than have to go through absurdly long, annoying, stressful exams.

In other related news, I got highlights - or, rather, I did them at home, which was an experience, - the other day and really like how they turned out even if the process was something akin to a lovecraftian horror story. Unfortunately, my expressed desire to color my hair purple has been shot down, which is probably for the best, because surprisingly little seems to work with my coloring.
In other, other related news, it has been confirmed that my sister is not coming home for Xmas, which is a beautiful miracle. Dad still refuses to decorate or even acknowledge the holiday, and so the subversive tiny poinsettia clipping I brought home from work continues to act as our tree, hidden in mom's office where dad will not touch it. The overall effect stopped being funny yesterday when the number of presents stacked beneath it lost structural integrity. Plans for improvement structural stability are in the works.
Also, I've run into my brother on campus more this week than ever - twice this week, as opposed to not the entire rest of the semester. Which is weird.
I think I will go celebrate my newfound freedom by playing video games and eating chocolate.
Yay for finishing! Yes, the jumping through hoops part of school was never fun. Don't miss it one bit. At least when we jump through the SBA's hoops at work, we're getting paid to do it. (It's amazing the things that don't get on your nerves anymore when you're getting paid for them.)

But, congrats for a successful semester! Here's the victory icon for you.