School and Work

Work was so ridiculously slow that words cannot describe the lack of customers we had. This is in part because it is a sunday, in part because we were supposed to have an ice storm last night that would have made the roads really bad but somehow didn't, and in part because the skier's have nothing to ski on this week. There was actually a whole hour when no one could be sure if there was actually a customer in the store.

So I ended up hanging tinsel for 4+ hours. So much tinsel. So much.

In other news, my first exam is tomorrow, and I've yet to start studying. I should probably do that now.

Also, I realized today that I'll have to be turning my notice in soon, since next semester my scholarship forbids me from having a job off campus to detract from my studies. Which led me to the thought that I'll actually be able to do something over Spring Break next March.

Unfortunately, my first thought - backpack England - proved untenable, because tickets are EXPENSIVE to Europe. And since I feel I've done everything worth doing on the east coast that I want to do, I'm open to suggestions. Anyone know of any cool places stateside I should visit - that are reasonably priced?