Be proud! I finally went to the bank today, and put my Xmas stuff in the mail, and ran a thousand other errands that I've been putting off for a week.

In other news, work on the next chappie goes slowly but surely - the first 1k words wrote themselves, but the next bit has proven to be difficult to set up, but I hold out hope it will progress well.

I also had a physics test today, which was soul-crushing if not incredibly impossible, so we'll see how it goes. Next week are my exams, so that's fun fun exciting, and in a minute here I'm going to take my BS health class exam, which is all online.

I've also been reading The Fault in our Stars, which is real good so far. Next on my list is Les Miserables. Or maybe the Marvel: Civil War #1-7 comics I got recently.... because I have very random reading habits. But I am slowly rebuilding my collection of books after I was so tragically - and pointlessly - forced to get rid of my previous collection pre-Navy. Not that I really need a thousand books, but I like being able to reread them if I want them, and I'm pretty good about getting the ones I know I'll never reread.... Mostly.