My poor car

Today's daily post is a picture of the back of my car, with all it's bumper sticker'ed glory, after six months or so of not being washed and traversing snow/mud/dirt covered gravel roads.

it's off the main roads, but my driveway is still impassable without four wheel drive.

and I just don't see the point in washing my car when it gets dusty again right away going up the gravel driveway
oh, how. That's a lot of stickers. But I like some of the ones that are more legible.

As for winter, we're just starting to have it in my part of the world. It has been unusually late in coming. Usually, first snow has fell by mid-to-late October; some years permanent (or at least more-long-term-than-an-evening) snow has arrived by the end of October. This year, first snow fell on Nov 24th - a whole month late. The Weatherman doesn't seem to be holding back, though. Second fall of snow came down on Saturday (30th) and He made sure that December arrived with wintery conditions. :) I spent the ~7-10 minute walk from bus stop to home slipping and sliding all the way :D
Yeah. The snow started late this year too, but everyone's predicting a hard winter. It was terrible last Wensday - I honestly thought I'd get into a crash trying to get to/from work.

Le sigh. The wonders of living in the mountains.
I hope you don't mind a stranger popping in to say hi, but I saw the flag and just wanted to give a shout across the waters :D Greetings from Finland! *waves hand* Always fun to know there are people here from this side of the Atlantic too :)
Always fun to know there are people here from this side of the Atlantic too :)

Yup, I agree :) I don't even remember when I last stumbled onto someone this close to me. We're practically neighbours :P Especially in the light of the workforce export of the past decade or so - the Bay acting more like a county border than a country border (you know: southern states, northern states :P).

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Yes, and the easyness of crossing over has both good and bad sides. I've been there once too, a few of us from the school I was studying at the time, spent a week in a Tallin as guests of a local art school, taking a course in basic filigree techniques. Sadly that didn't leave much time to see the city itself. I really should take another trip someday, since it really is so easy :)

And you're the closest fandom person I've met too, don't even know any in Finland! Nice to meet you neighbour ^_^