Working Thanksgiving

It is official: I am a wage slave.

I say this not because I am, in fact, entirely dependent upon my job for basic survival, though there is that. No, I say this because I had to work today and had almost no choice in the matter, though it was presented to me as an option, despite the fact I had mentioned just before how I'd nearly killed myself twice trying to get to work yesterday in the weather. And because I had to work today, I missed thanksgiving dinner with my family, who then went to the movies, so that when it came time for me to come home, nobody was home. Which meant I had to park my car at the bottom of the Morgul Vale that is our driveway and walk up, because my car could not make it up the mountain we live on. And since I'd been told to bring home two galleons of milk, I had to carry said milk up the hill. Which I did by using the trekking pole that had been provided to me for my hike as a yoke and stringing a bag over each end.

I do not, in fact, mind working. I do not, in fact, mind having to walk. But when I feel that I have no agency in my life, like today, I really really wonder where I went wrong in my life.

Oh well. At least my store isn't open overnight or at 4am or something for Black Friday. One of the benefits of being a grocery store, I suppose. Though I had to answer the phone to tell people our store's hours no less than 100 times today, I kid you not.
I came to ask you a question but damn, bad day or what? Sorry for you. I sat doing nothing because my car and stove both broke down this month and I can't replace either right now. I was invited to 3 dinners (complete with ride) but I chose to sit and stew (pout)and feel much better now. Maybe you are just in a holding pattern right now.
Go ahead. Ask away. Today was better. Except for the part where dad forgot about how he was supposed to pick me up at a certain time and I couldn't get my phone to work forever. But mostly it was okay. Sometimes ranting helps.

I'm sorry your day doesn't seem to be going that much better.
I was just starting Defensor from the beginning tonight when something occured to me. If this John goes through the gate as he did in The Last Man to 48,000 years into the future would he be once more corporeal, de-ascended, whatever?
That would be a workaround, yes, but I promise you John will Descend quite a bit before the others intend him to. I shall not say when exactly, to avoid spoilers, but... your idea has merit.

Enjoy the reread. Hopefully I'll have a new chappie for you before much longer.
But when hologram Rodney sent John back would he be re-ascended? I know you're not going down this path so I was just speculating.
...It's debatable. John cannot physically Descend himself, as his parole is coded into his "DNA", if you will. The conditions under which it might be met are definite. Time is the primary one, although there are others. He would not automatically be re-Ascended if he were to return, but if the others were to grab him, theoretically it is possible.

In short: the others would have to do it if he were to re-Ascend, but with so few others left, it is debatable if it is possible.