Thanksgiving Eve

There were six inches of snow on the ground when I left for work this afternoon. My antilock breaks had to kick in twice trying to get down my driveway at a walking crawl, and I was so freaked out I thought I would be sick before I got to work.

And work was just... it was so awful I can't begin to describe it. It wasn't Fourth of July weekend insanity, but it was pretty bad and people were just being awful and I got called in to work tomorrow, so I miss my family's thanksgiving stuff and have to walk up the frozen, snow-covered driveway because my car will not make it up, and I just hate that I wasn't even asked if it was okay for my brother to crash in my room and that no thought was even given to pushing back thanksgiving dinner so I could be there.

And so now my brother's sitting on my couch, in my usual seat, and I don't mind that he's there but it's my spot and I know it's silly but want to sit there. But I can't say anything, because he was kicked out of the guest room for my sister, and we must be a united front against her.

And it's not like thanksgiving is a big deal to my family - it's just the five of us - and we would have ended up watching the westminster dog show rather than have to talk to each other but it's still our thanksgiving and I hate having to work. And my desire for a proletariat revolution grows.
Yikes! Having to work on any holiday sucks. Grocery stores on Thanksgiving weekend suck even more. I'm sorry you're having to go. :( But at least if you're at work, you're not a potential target at home?