The Day of the Doctor

I have finally been able to watch the Doctor Who 50th special - "The Day of the Doctor." And let me tell you, I think I could die from the perfection.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Because I've got to tell you, as much as I generally have issues with the 11th Doctor's seasons (for reasons that have nothing to do with Matt Smith and more with the story lines overall, though i will admit he has some wonderful ones at times), this was brilliant. Because The Doctor is hope. The Doctor is rescue. The Doctor is for once, nobody dies.

And that was this episode. It was so.... It was the essence of Doctor Who - everything good and hopeful and wonderful and, god, you'd have thought it would be dark, with the War Doctor, but it wasn't. It had it's moments, but in the end the Doctor was able to be the Doctor... and I will just continue to go on incoerhantly about how wonderfully this tied up all the story lines - about Bad Wolf and the regeneration into Nine and, oh, so much more.

In essence, it was even better than we could have hoped for. And I love it.
The story had me crying and laughing throughout the whole thing, and I loved all of it. They made me believe the first ending was necessary, that there was nothing to do but to press the button, and crying because at least he wasn't alone. Then they gave a glimmer of hope, and made it happen, giving a second ending that, like you said, is the essence of Doctor Who: there is always a way.

And I've always loved how the companions actually affect what the Doctor does, they are not there just to be decoration or sidekicks, and this episode was no exception. Loved having the Moment take on Rose's form, yet being a person of their own, and how Clara is the one to change the Doctor's mind.

Also, who could not love a story with multiple Doctors, wathching them together was such fun ^_^ And the fez! :D
The Fez!

But you are absolutely spot on. The special was everything that DW is supposed to be, and heart wrenching, and perfect, and I love it.
It was good wasn't it and I for my pains actually remember the first episode. I still enjoy it today along with all things science fiction and fantasy. I hope things are well with you.

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