Catching Fire commentary

So, last night after work I went to see Catching Fire with some coworkers. Friends. RL friends. (Yes, I'm still getting used to this idea. Don't knock it).

It was fun too, even if I don't really like being out that late - I didn't get home until 11:30, and as certain online friends can tell you, I'm usually well abed by then these days.

But the movie:

The movie was, as with the first, startlingly accurate to the book. Which, being political commentary, once again surprises me because, well, we're watching a movie about the excess of society and capitalistic dispairity. A hollywood movie. A hugely popular movie. Which is both ironic and, well, a little strange.

(And then I remembered that one of the girls I went to see it with asked me, with complete seriousness, what "capitalism" was after I complained about the outright commercialism of Christmas these days, especially as it pertains to our store. And that one of the other girls hadn't even read the book. So I suppose the meaning was lost to them, and to most of the audience).

Other than that, well, the games are largely what make the movie exciting, and the game itself plays a relatively small role in the book/movie. It's all about the intrigue, really. The game is just a minor part of that. Which is not to say the start of a revolution was not interesting to watch, but, well, if you didn't know what was going on I can see why people kept leaving to get popcorn throughout the first bits.

Let's see. Other than that, I loved the world building. I loved the characterizations. I even loved the changes they made from the book, for I knew why they did them and understood. I kinda love Commander Thread, just in the sheer, calculated brutality of his character and the way he was portrayed.

And Joanna. I liked her in the books, but, god, the film version is my spirit animal. And I know I say this a lot. Actually, no, I don't, and I can't even remember the last person I said this was, though I know it was fairly recently.... Anyway, I loved her. Not so much because I'm so much like her, as I would love to be like her - which is an odd thing to say, I know, but I love how she just doesn't give a flying frak anymore.

As for the others... well, Gale faintly irritated me, but he faintly irritated me in the book too, mostly because I think he always wanted to play war then actually gave a damn about any of the things he claimed to give a damn about. He wanted to be a Big Damn Hero and would have taken any war.

And I'm faintly irritated as well by the ending, if only because it seemed a bit forced in the movie, whereas it wasn't in the books. Like they should have ended it where they knocked her out on the transport, and not bothered with the wakeup in district 13 at all.... but that's just me.
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