NCIS S1 commentary

What can I say about NCIS? Other than the fact that it took me over 6 weeks to finish the first season?

Actually, no, I think that's the most telling detail. It took me six weeks to finish the first season. This from a person who watched the entirety of SG1 in 21 days, the first 7.5 seasons os SPN in a week and a half, and the entire first season of Slings and Arrows in 12 hours.

This isn't to say that its a bad show, it's just so utterly predictable that finishing the season was difficult. Episodes like "Left for Dead", "My Other Left Foot", and "unSEALed" made it hard to even get thru those episodes, that's how absurd they were.

And yet....

Minus a couple of things, I really do like the characters. They don't seem to have the 1 dimensionality I've seen in other episodes later on. No, they still manage to seem like actual people in this season, albeit largely annoying ones. Kate, well, she's better than Ziva, but she still manages to be the token female on the team and what passes for it's moral centre. And Gibbs, well, his mysterious redhead is just annoyingly stupid and pointless other than to prove that he is the straightest of straight men in a way, after a while, appears to me to be more of a plot device for avoiding accusations of closets than serve an actual purpose. In fact, all the efforts to make him mysterious and unknowable just seem stupider the longer you watch. I just don't care.

In fact, the only character I really have any feelings at all about is Tony, largely because, despite his rather grating himbo persona, there are clearly depths there. "Dead Man Talking"  and "Missing" prove this, and the later, plus some rather telling back and forth in "Bête Noire" :

TONY: Got it all bagged and tagged, boss. Aspirin, breath freshener, nasal spray, and tea. Qassam drank a wimpy Darjeeling from northwestern Kashmir. I prefer the darker, more robust flavor of tea from the brahmaputra area in northeast India where they actually take the leaf and they rake it…
GIBBS: Tony.
TONY: Yeah, boss?
GIBBS: You nervous?
TONY: Yeah. I don’t like you going down there unarmed and solo.
GIBBS: No choice. Besides, I need you outside receiving. Team one. Gibbs. Elevator to level three.
TONY: By the time we get down from receiving, it’ll be over.
GIBBS: This guy’s not a suicide bomber. He has an escape plan. Maybe to get out the same way he came in. I want someone I know there.
TONY: That’s the same as saying someone you trust. Someone you can depend on.

In which we learn two things: Tony's babbling is nerves, and he cares more about Gibbs' life than his own. Add in this bit from "Reveille" :

GIBBS: War’s not fair, DiNozzo, and we are at war. Until I relieve you – which may be any moment now – you will fight that war twenty four seven. That includes sleeping, eating, taking a crap. You got it?
TONY: I got it. May I say something?
GIBBS: Only if it has to do with me catching that bastard I’m chasing.
TONY: It does.
GIBBS: Then speak.
TONY: Boss, you really need to see Moby Dick.

only emphasizes the fact that Tony is really the only one who is willing to try to reign Gibbs and, frankly, is unprofessional and rather embarrassing attempt at revenge - stoked to ridiculous levels after half a season. Their relationship is fascinating, which probably explains why I latched onto Tony/Gibbs as my main ship fairly early on, as I'm largely ambivalent to every other character on the screen.

Don't get me wrong. If they were on TV, where I didn't have to pay for them, I'd probably watch them all. (Damn you netflix). But they're not and I don't care enough to get the next seasons, though I may one day. And so, thanks to some recent wonderfulness I've seen on tumblr, I've decided to move onto Kings next - a delightful show I wished had stayed on air, and I've not seen in ages. And is also only $9.99 for the whole series on iTunes.
OMG! I completely forgot about the ridiculous female redhead plot device!

I was quite a fan - up until Ziva got away with manslaughter, with Gibbs and the redhead boss covering it up with a nudge and a wink, and also I wasn't impressed with the show glamourising torture, well as long as it was Ziva, the oh so gorgeous foreign female, doing the torturing.

I've seen some of S3 and was distinctly unimpressed. As I was with most of Gibbs actions in the season finale of s1. But I suppose we can't have it all.