FAN FIC RECS: due South

A selection of assorted fanfics encompassing the entirety of due South, arranged by appropriate ship. Suggestions for additions are always welcome.

Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski

Parental Guidance by Alanna, Starfish, and Kass: Sometimes parents really do know best.

Hanged Man by cesperanza: If Benton Fraser wants to be touched, then Ray Kowalski wants to be known, and so he doesn't censor himself with Fraser. (*)

With Six You Get Eggroll by cesperanza: "Ray's parenting style runs toward...well, the paranoid and suspicious. Whereas my own is more along the lines of forgetful abstraction. What this means in practice is that I forget to feed the children, and he worries that we're going to poison them by mistake. Luckily, they're complementary neuroses." (*)

Unplanned by Beth H: Two seconds before he walked out the front door of Kelsey's Bar, Ray felt an itch between his shoulder blades that made him turn around and take a quick glance back at the table where he'd been sitting. Two seconds after he shrugged and let the door close behind him, it struck him that everyone at the table had been staring at him. It took Ray fifteen minutes before he figured out why they'd been staring.

Chicago's Most Wanted by cesperanza: "Of course he got the money--he's Fraser, he's organized, he's a fucking criminal mastermind, what do you think?!"

Blueprint by Journey: A man with a plan.

Family Portrait by Journey: A widowed policeman meets a Canadian Mountie in Chicago.

Rumor Has It by tatau: Did you honestly think there were never rumors going around about Fraser and Ray? – of course there were! And Fraser can’t help but overhear – what with his stupid bat ears and everything. Join him on a quest for evidence, follow him on the road to self-realization and help him come up with a cunning plan (he’s going to need it)

Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps by etcetera_cat: Deif plays matchmaker.

Can't Stop Falling by the_star_fish: Fraser returns to Chicago after a short holiday up north and finds a stranger in Ray Vecchio's place. Too bad it's not Ray Kowalski.

The Easiest Choice by CL Finn: Eleven years after Call of the Wild, Fraser reflects on choices he has made, and Ray makes a choice of his own.
I may have read it and simply forgotten about it. I've also read a wonderful series (all with REM song names, I can't remember which though) with some really strong h/c and homophobic themes that I considered including, but didn't, if only because the era appropriate homophobia ends up irritating me too much to truely enjoy it. I'll take a look at it when I get out of class (I'm replying from my CS lab right now).

I know I've read some of Crysothemis' non-dS stuff, and do adore her work. And these lists are always being updated. I just added stuff to the SGA one yesterday and have another few I want to add tonight. (facepalm)