It snowed last night. None of it stuck to the roads, but I had to scrape an inch of it off my car before going to class today. The temp never rose above 33 F, as far as I could tell, and that's before wind chill. Winter is here, folks.

Had a meeting with my advisor, who happens to be my Java teacher. I need to take the next Java class next semester, that I knew. That has Discrete Math as a coreq. I also need to take Analytical Physics II next semester if I want to take it for my degree, and since I want to try to minor in Physics, I need it asap. It has a coreq of Calc II, which is also needed for my major.

So guess who is taking 16 credit hours next semester, 7 of them Math, which is arguably my weakest subject, not so much because I don't understand it (I spent an hour explaining Trig to dad yesterday, at least), but because I tend to make stupid mistakes on exams. Like forget a number raised to the 0th power is always 1? Also, two labs.

My boss finally comes back to work on Monday. I go back to 23 hours a week and 3 days off. IDK what I'll do with myself. Maybe I'll finally hook up my xbox and replay all of Mass Effect.

Or work on my programing assignment....

Also, I've 2.1K words for Part 3.2 of "Acensiones" finished, but I've been stuck on the same part for ages now, but there's nothing that can be done for that. It's distaste for what I must write that's making it difficult, not lack of desire or ideas. Le sigh.
Sounds like you're going to be very busy! But you're doing things for yourself, for your future, and I'm sure you'll do fine :) *cheering you on from the sidelines*