I'm almost finished watching S1 of NCIS. I'm torn between getting S2 next or downloading Bill Nye the Science Guy next.

On a related note, I meet with my advisor/Java professor on Friday for the required advising for next semester. I've only 3 classes planned, but two of them have labs, so that's gonna be 13 hours - 2 less than this semester. There's not much else I can take yet until I get these next two prereqs out of the way. But I've decided I'm gonna try to get a minor in physics. I need two of the four required classes for that for my major anyway and love the subject (and my lab professor tried to get me to change my major yesterday after I asked him a whole bunch of not-really-pretenant questions about the subject at hand).

Also, there's a chance of snow tonight. It was sleeting a little as I was going from Calc to Java today, and the temp is certainly going to get down low enough that it could. Winter is coming.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, anyone who wants to rec me a fic for any of the fandom's I'm a part of, feel free. I've got the format for my GRAND REC LIST down at last, and I'm always willing to take suggestions. And in need of stuff to read.