I can't have *any* caffeine anymore. Nada. Zippo. It gives me premature ventricular contractions and sends my BP through the roof. :-(

So yeah, I can see where an overdose would be problematic!
Some consider it the most abused drug in the US right now. I've convinced that the makers of Pepsi and Red Bull have manipulated their products every bit as much as the tobacco industry... ;-)
YES. And the thing was, I only had a single coke. And then I started getting a headache, so I took some excedrine and, bam, that was all she wrote.
Oh man, Excedrine is chock-o-block full of caffeine. You must have felt like you were crawling out of your skin! And word of warning, if you felt like this now, you are probably a tad sensitive to it--you might find that like me, the sensitivity will get worse with age. :-(
I should. But I've taken Excedrine in the past with no problems for headaches, so i'm not sure what the deal is. All i know is I felt dizzy and faint of breath, and was quite literally having a panic attack over the fact that I didn't card a guy who had to have been 30 if he was a day.
Oh yes l have had many a day hyped up on caffeine and boy oh boy lm like a squirrel on a sugar rush (think Hammy in the movie Over the Hedge)
I was thinking of more of the overwhelming, overpowering anxiety, the headaches, dizziness, and nausea, but that too.