I'd thought I'd share this review of "Cor Leonis" I got on today, just because I've nothing else to share beyond the usual moaning about my job and how lovely it is to have insulation in my room now that the temperature's are dipping below freezing at night:

A boy who wanted nothing more then to fly and touch the sky, turned into a man, lost in giref and without roots. A man turned soldier, who proved himself through hard trials. An awstruck soldier, a man who saw the wonders beyond the comprehension of any mere mortal. A man, a lost boy who witnessed the dangers beyond the once so beloved skies. A man, a soldier, who saw and suffered unbearable losses, only to re-emerge from the ashes like a phoenix to keep his people safe, again and again. To fight to keep his new, fragile roots and bonds. A leader, born from blood spilled in countless battles with enemies no mere mortal has ever seen before they set foot into Pegasus. A lost boy turned man turned soldier begrudgingly ascended to be a king, to carry on the suffering, to fight, to protect those who will eventualy die, while he will stand unwaveringly, carrying on his accursed life. To carry on and exceed those who came before him and set example for those, who will come after him.

A lost boy, who once wanted nothing more then to fly and touch the skies. A Man, a Soldier, a King: John Sheppard.

Cool but sad story there. Poor John. (While I read this, I was listening to "Requiem for a Dream". Oh how fitting)

--Shorty the Great

It kinda made my day, so... ::shrugs::
Aw, you get poetry in your reviews! ::eyes your frigid weather:: Keep that shit up there in the mountains, will you?

How's life going otherwise, bb?
Eh, other than the chaos that is work, not to bad. I have isolation over my garage door now and a heater. School is going okay, though I've a Calc AND physics test on wends, and my Java class is more an excersise in annoyance than education. Add to that my seeming inability to finish a chappie and, well, things are a little nuts.
Aaanndd, that is a great reminder of why I'm glad I'm done with school. My sympathies, dear; hopefully the annoyance will clear up and class will not be a waste of time? I'm glad you have heat, though!
As am I. It can get COLD up here in the winter. I fully expect snow before the end of the month.

I love school. I don't mind working. I just wish some days it didn't feel like I was wasting my time.
Don't get me wrong, I loved school too, but I'm glad it's finally over. I love my job, which is very lucky, and I think I had almost gotten into a rut after a total of close to twenty years of schooling, all told. Definitely know what you mean about feeling like it's a waste of time occasionally, though. At least when I feel that way at work, I'm getting paid for it; that always made it worse in school, feeling like wasting time, because I was paying them for it.

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying most of your classes, and all! Try not to freeze.
Gah, I had a prof like that my freshman year; it was a writing course everyone was required to take, and Dr. Goldstein was incredibly absent-minded and tended to look straight down and ramble. Sweet guy, but so boring. I don't think I wrote a single paper in that class that was on the assigned topic; just always chose 'other'. :)

Although, maybe it's something to do with Java? The prof who taught Java and programming at our college was a bit like that, too...
But you can get away with that in a writing class. Not so much in an introductory course about a programing language that's the foundation of the rest of my chosen major.
Yeah, that would be the sucky part. Hang in there, sweetie, and it'll be done sooner than you think. At least it's just boring, right?
no, it's not boring. usually it's moderately interesting. but he doesn't TEACH us anything. which is what i'm paying for. i've had to buy books from amazon on the subject to supplement my education, which should not be necessary. one dude actually signed up for one of the online courses in the subject too.
Yes, that's definitely worse. Man, that's pretty bad, having to sign up for extra classes just to learn something useful like that.