My groundhog has seen it's shadow. or something.

Today was busy. Like crazy busy. From the moment I got into work until the moment I left, it was nothing but trying to get everything done.

Apparently my underling had a busy morning today too, because when I got in half the stuff he was supposed to finish hadn't been done. So I had to shop an order, than make the schedule for next week, then shop another order, than do ICC and finish the pull list, and then shop another order, and carry out two of them, plus help out up front as they needed, as it's Octoberfest weekend and we're understaffed.

In short, it was chicken without a head again today. It's nice being busy, but this was a little too busy.

Plus, my boss? The one who broke her wrist the week before SGA Squee Weekend, which meant that I couldn't get time off - not that I'd thought I'd be able to go anyway? She went to the doctor today and according to them it's going to be AT LEAST until the end of the month before she can come back. Which means ANOTHER THREE WEEKS of this madness.

At least next Thurs and Fri is fall break, which means some manipulation of the schedule has given me an actual DAY OFF where I don't have to be at school either. A first since the school year started. Because, while I honestly don't mind working, I'd like to be able to do other stuff too.

And now, rather than rest, I have to go beta dad's UN paper for the class he shares with my brother. Because he has like no concept of basic writing. At least he's paying me - ten whole dollars.
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