These are the things I believe in:

  1. I believe everyone is deserving of free and universal healthcare. I'm not saying the government should pay for elective surgeries or, hell, even most orthodontics, but preventative medicine should be free to all, regardless of race/gender/sexuality/socioeconomic/religion whatever. Abortion and contraceptives should be covered in this, as should adequate mental health care, free of any stigma whatsoever or having to report to an adult, if one is underage.

  2. The minimum wage should be enough to live on for the average person holding a minimum wage job. You should be able to eat reasonably, get to and from your job, and support a family for the work you do. Employers should be forbidden from the "part-time cycle," ie, working as many employes as hard as they can without reaching that point where they'd work overtime and/or need to be provided benefits. You work a full-time job, you should be able to support yourself off of that. You shouldn't need a second job, or handouts, or anything else to be able to do that - because minimum wage implies the minimum wage you need to survive. It's in the very definition

  3. Education should be free and equal and accessible. And quality. Hell, the High Schools where I lived at the time were so bad that I begged my parents to send me to boarding school, and even with 90% financial aide, we never would have been able to do it if my dad hadn't made E-9 by that point. You shouldn't have to pay for quality education. You shouldn't have to do 18million after school activities and write sonnets and whatever else you need these days to get into college. Education should be free and quality and equal for all through the minimum required to hold a job - which these days is often a bachelors degree. And for those who don't want college, things like apprenticeships should be made available, or internships, or work/study. You should be able to get a job if you're willing to work. You should be able to get the education you need to hold a job without jumping through hoops and getting so indebted that you'll never get out alive.

  4. Freedom. In absolutely everything. Religion, gender, race, sexuality, etc. People are equal. They should be treated equally. In all things.

  5. There are more, but these are all the noble sounding ones. They may come later.

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