I never could get the hang of thursdays

There was the most beautiful sunrise this morning.

Once I got below the fog (because that's an issue here), the mountains were dolphin against the dove grey sky. And then when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn broke through the clouds, streaks of brandy wine and misty rose appeared in the sky, giving the whole sky a faint pink tint that I wish I could have captured on film. But I was driving, andb by the time I parked, the best of it was over.

School went well. Work went well too, though it was long. The boss is still out, but it was our underling's birthday today, so I left him some brownies last night, which he apparently liked, as it motivated him to get most of the work for today done before I got there. I ended up helping HBC for a while, putting up a cart-load of spices, and calculated that there were 100 varieties of McCormick spices alone, averaging 5.69 a jar, although the Vanilla Beans were 12.49 for 2 beans in 1 jar. Each variety had up to 6 jars on the rack, and I thought that if I ever had access to time travel, I could take those spices alone back with me into the past and live the high life for the rest of my life without worrying about technological contamination.

The 2IC of my department, hereafter referred to as C, was there too, though he was still doing Tags. I tried to help him, but the hours he's been working are making him shorter than usual, because his half of our usual teasing banter was harsher than usual. He can be terribly mean sometimes, without seeming to realize he's doing it. Or maybe I just put too much stock into having his esteem. He's the colleague I work with the most, and is intelligent enough to have an actual conversation with (for example, I spent 1/2 hr trying to explain the point of "#" in twitter to another of my colleagues) and we get along very well. Maybe it's safe to say I have a bit of a crush on him, not because he's particularly attractive, and he stutters a quite a lot when he gets excited, but it's the whole When Harry Met Sally thing, I guess.

Still, it threw me enough that my other coworkers noticed. I got my groove back before the end, but I hate that one person can effect me so. If it's my mental state being so precarious or C just having that much of an effect on me, I cannot say, but I'm feeling better now, so.... ::sigh::
It's funny how one person can have such an effect on another. I know what you mean about having a crush on someone, not because they're attractive, but for other reasons - that's happened to me before. Hopefully once your boss comes back things settle down and you go back to your pleasant back-and-forth :D