Minor contemplations

A second look at my physics homework has proved fruitful. The wonderful fact that you can divide sine by cosine to get tangent has given me the angle - and the hypotenuse - I needed. I still have like 5 more problems to do, but I feel like a physics god. The professor said that this is the hardest homework we'll have, and that this is the hardest problem on it.

I so wish there was a way I could minor in Physics. Or double major. It would be hell, and I never could afford it, and that math involved might drive me to the brink of suicide twice a week, but I'd enjoy the rest of it. I really like the professor and the subject matter and I wish there was a way for me to take more. But as it is I'll barely manage the classes I absolutely need to take before the credit surcharge kicks in and I get charge 150% more for my classes than I should. Because NC is crazy like that.

What kind of insanity is that our brains don't fully mature until we're 25, but we're expected to choose a career path when we're 13 or 14 (or before) that we're bound to for the rest of our lives? 'Cause you have to know in high school what you want to do, so you can take the classes you need and get as many APs as possible so you can get transfer credits for college, and god forbid you try to change majors, because it just messes everything up.

You can vote when you're 18. You're supposedly an adult. There are times when I feel I've been mature all my life and, if not, then at least since I was 14 and went off to boarding school. That I've not changed since then. But there are other times when I feel I've not become a real person until just recently, that I never really became comfortable in my own skin until SEPs where you either came to terms with who you are/the situation you were in/etc or went mad.

By all qualifications, I'm an adult in name only. I still live in my parents' house. I am still in school. I cannot do much of what I like for fear of alienating my support base. I've never had a serious boyfriend, or even one at all for several years. But I've a moderately stressful job I do well at, and which I've been told by my superiors within it that I can go far in - or, at the very least, get the most glowing of reviews. I've enlisted in the Navy. I've an Associate's Degree and a car I bought new with my own money and 30% down. I have an impeccable credit score and a cat who could care less if I existed.

My dad's fond of telling me of how, when he was my age, he was an E4 in the army supporting a wife and two kids. And maybe you could do that in the '80s. You can't now. Even getting the most minimum of minimum wage jobs is an ordeal. The only job I've ever gotten benefits from was the Navy, for all the good that did me. Work drives me crazy sometimes, but I've never gone over 40 hours. The average, once my boss gets back, is going to be 23 or so until the tourists return next summer. You can't live on 23 hours of min wage work. You can barely live on 40 hours of min wage a week. It's certainly a task to stay sane trying to balance work and school, and yet...

Life is strange. I wish I could stay at home all day and write. Or work reasonable hours. Or not have to stress about school and work and the occasional oh my god, my father is insane moments. But right now, things are good.

I wish I could stay at home all day and write. Or work reasonable hours. Or not have to stress about school and work...

Boy, do I relate to this. I'm glad things are going well for you today - it sounds like you needed a good day :)
(nod) I completely agree. I loved HS, but I miss it sometimes. Things were so much simpler then.