1 week later

IDK what to make of my life some days.

I mean, I had a really good day. It wasn't perfect, but my classes made sense and my labs went well and I got home at a reasonable-ish hour and yeah. But then I try doing my physics homework and it doesn't make sense. As in, none of it does, though it makes sense in class, I swear. And it makes me want to break out in tears. And in the middle of it dad comes in and yells at be about not closing the door all the way and it's like, WTF? Because even if I hadn't been, his reaction was just so far beyond what was required it was ridiculous.

And all I know is, I'm tired and exhausted and I don't know why this always happens. I think everything's going well and then, BAM, all at once.

I think I'll go listen to the new WtNV now. And with luck, I'll feel better after that. If not, I've got half a season of NCIS I can watch - it's my new go-to mind numbing TV.
:( I am so, so sorry you're struggling bb. If there's anything I can do, let me know!
make my physics homework make sense?
make my boss's wrist heal faster?
make my dad be less of a jerk sometimes?