Laugardagur. Icelandic for Bath Day.

Today was slow, thank god. Though I did end up having to do minor battle with the bakery regarding a cupcake order I gave them yesterday.

I won, but it was unneeded stress. Also, my physics professor came through my checkout line, which was kinda odd, but kinda cool too.

I actually got to chill this morning before work, which was amazing, and now I'm watching NCIS (for reasons that I don't know, though may have something to do with the fact that 1) It opens up new fic for me to read, 2) I have now officially been separated from the Navy for 6 months, 3) It's rather predictable, which makes for brainless watching.

Also, Framboise Lambic is like the tastiest thing ever. I recommend it. Highly.