Not Rebecca Black's Friday.


School went okay, except for my interim professor talking all thru our quiz, and generally being very annoying, and I very nearly channeled dad by the end of it. (He once told off one of his professors for talking during a test, in a way that nearly invited censure.)

I found out at work that my boss has to have surgery on monday. She'll be out for at least two weeks after. I have no idea how we'll manage to make it work. Today was a little less headless chicken, but still. It's a lot of stress and a lot of hours and I have school and I stilt need to finish my half of the lab report, but I'm too tired now and my partner hasn't started his half and it's just...

I mean, it wasn't bad at work today. I got a customer care card, which really means nothing except the front end manager trusts me because no one but the CSs have those, and now me. And one of the customers actually told me I was good at my job, which I found odd because I'd been running around moving carts and cleaning up spills and hadn't really helped him at all until the end when I finished bagging his groceries, but then he said I was good at my job because I'd been taking care of all of that without being asked and, well, it was near the end of my shift and I was so tired and it's really one of the nicest things someone has said about me outside the internet in ages.... and I felt tears threaten, I kid you not.

But god. IDK if I can handle it. The only day I'll have off next week is Tues, only because I've got class until too late for it to matter. I have to go in every other day right after class and it's going to be killer and IDK what I'm going to have to bribe myself with to get thru it. A shirt won't be enough, no matter how cool. I really am thinking about going ahead and getting that new tattoo next time I actually have time, but that might be risking the equilibrium I've got going on at home a little too much.

Le sigh. I'll figure something out.
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