Thor's Day. Tezcatlipotōnal.

I am tired.

I am so tired, I went to work and actually shopped an order for tomorrow thinking it was today, which isn't really such a big deal as the fact that I somehow managed to ignore the words friday written all over it in big text. I really hope my boss gets good news from her doctor tomorrow, because I really can't keep this pace up.

Though I am reasonably optimistic for my Calc test on Monday. I'm less so about my CompSci test that same day, if only because I've been too tired to really study for it. But I have time tomorrow and on the weekend for that. When I'm not working on my Physics Lab report, but that's due Tuesday....

Plus my (semi) new phone is misbehaving. As in, completely. I tried to call work the other day and actually got a this number is disconnected message instead of the actual store. Which has phones ringing all the time, sometimes asking for Lowes Hardware.

In short, I grow more and more pathetic as the week progresses. With luck, I shall be able to get some sleep tonight and wake up rested and able to complete my CompSci homework before class tomorrow. 'Cause I can't keep my eyes open long enough to do it now.
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