Dies Mercurii. Odin's Day.

To steal a poor joke from my calc teacher, my day was sinusoidal.

I mean, I got my physics test back today and did a whole lot better on it than I thought - a 92.3 when the class average was 77, which the teacher considered very high. But I also woke up at 3am and couldn't fall back asleep, so eventually gave up around 5am and just got up. My other classes went well, but we were talking about osteoporosis in my BS health class and got side tracked by some of the risk factors - ie, eating disorders, of which, curiously, I would have had both anorexia and bulimia, by my professor's definition, while preparing for the navy, which was something of a mood killer. I got out on time and the traffic wasn't bad, but I had to work 5 hours on yet another day I had scheduled off. And so on.

Though I did get about 1/2 of my 1/2 of the lab report for next week done. I'm happy about that. Though not so happy my lab partner hasn't started his 1/2 yet.

Also, my store is having an event for teachers tomorrow evening to tell them about the tours we give students, but since my boss is out and her boss can't get anymore overtime and the lady who normally does these things is on bereavement leave, it apparently falls to me to give the presentation. Of which I've had no instruction so far, and for which we're not sure anyone is actually going to show up. So instead of working 10:30 - 5, I get to work 11-6 tomorrow. Fun, I know.

I have, by turns, felt hopeful about this week, soggy (it rained halfway thru the day, in time to soak me as I went between Calc and CompSci), dead tired, and vaguely panicky. I've still no idea if I'll make it thru to the first. The promise of that Night Vale tshirt is doing me wonders, oddly enough. If I could justify it, I'd order the Night Vale NRA stickers too... but maybe for christmas. Though I've already promised myself a new tattoo if I can make it thru school and work and home without mentally breaking down, having to quit, or being kicked out for that....

I really need to stop bribing myself to get thru my life. That would probably be a healthy thing to do at some point.
Yes, I suppose that's true. Though probably not very healthy.

I want to get some elfish script from LotR for my next tattoo - the line that says "All We Have To Do Is Decide What To Do With The Time Given To Us". That's my survive-this-semseter bribe.