Tuesday. Tyr's Day.

To bribe myself into surviving thru to the first of the month, I have ordered myself a Night Vale t-shirt (this one, specifically). I'm rather excited.

In other news, I survived the day. My classes all make sense and my Physics Lab went well (even if we have to write a Lab Report on it; but I've a partner this time and somehow managed to make 100 on the last one, go figure), as did my CompSci Lab. And while I have two tests on Monday, I've only the Lab report due next Tues and the Physics homework due this Thurs to really worry about. So I think I can survive.

I really do just want to sit down and write though. Which sucks, 'cause I really should finish up my Physics homework first. Oh ye evil muses, so fickle and ill-timed.
Wish me luck.
Ooo, I like that t-shirt - such a fantastic quote ♥ Congrats on surviving the day! I never feel inspired to write until I don't have the time to do so - but that's par for the course, I suppose. I hope you do well on all your homework and tests, bb ♥
Well, I've finally caved to peer pressure and started downloading Welcome to Night Vale, after hearing people on tumblr praise it. I'm still in the first cast, but I just got a new iPod, so at least I'll be able to fit them, unlike my old one. If you like, I'm sure I will too.
it's really lovely. Sort of NPR meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I adore it. Especially some of the later episodes.