Yesterday, my boss broke her wrist.

Friday, she finds out if she needs surgery or not. Until then, she is out sick at work, meaning that I and the two guys who work in the To Go/Personal Shopping department have to cover her shifts as well, which kind of sucks. This sucks more than usual because the lady who does Tags usually is out for a month recovering from a surgery of her own (her shoulder, I think; she's upwards of 60, as is my boss). So our 2IC, the guy who gave me some of his book to read I've STILL not had time or inclination to finish, is doing her job for the foreseeable future, as he's the only one of us not a full time student, as he's saving up to finish his graduate degree.

Anyway, this basically means that I and our "underling" are left to do to do the job of a full time LTG department. But I have class and so does he, and he's a second job to work AND is beholden to the Dairy department for some additional hours this week that I frankly can't explain.

Which means, basically, whereas my job is usually long periods of indeterminable boredom punctuated by brief moments of madness, I spent 4 hours at work today running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Because I had to rush in as soon as I could after class (which got out at noon) and pick an order (and try to reconcile it, which never quite happened) and then help the 2IC with Tags so he could get out before he clocked 10 hours. Plus carry out all the orders. Of which, luckily, there were only 2.

Plus, I get to go in on Wends after class and do more of the same, plus come in early on Thurs and Saturday, as well as work my normal shift on Friday. I'd work tomorrow, but I physically can't make it with all of my labs, so the other guys are dealing with it as best they can, which is essentially by hoping that we don't get any orders after 11am.

Add to that none of us can work more than 40 hours a week, per legal issues, and we have madness.

Add to that the fact that I have 2 tests next monday, a lab report due next tuesday for a lab I don't have until tomorrow, and all of my usual homework. Plus a guaranteed 8 hours on Sunday and the possibility of having to come in next monday as well.

In short, I'm glad I'm pretty good at time management, or else IDK how I'm going to manage approximately 38 hours of work plus 12 credit hours of school (including 2 labs) this week. I can only hope my boss' wrist can be set properly on Friday and she can come back into work after that, or else IDK how it's going to work unless we hire someone new to help or train someone we already have for the LTG department. But that takes at least a week to do (training), and just getting someone sent to HQ is a scheduling nightmare that many of the current staff can't do because of school commitments.

TL;DR? This week sucks. I shall have to promise myself a reward if I get through to next Tuesday without dying.