On Music

Should anyone ever care enough to dredge up any of my old work, they'll see that music plays an important role in almost all of it.

In my Original Series, the universe was created when the First God began to sing, and from his songs were created the water and the sky and sun, and from them came everything else.

In AJ, most obviously, are the songs that Atlantis and Aurora sing.

On a technological level, I imagine them to be the harmonic representations of their heuristic algorithms, which is basically a fun way of saying computer code is, on some level, math, and math is music written strangely. Thus, AI's have songs. (Plus, as Kurt Vonnegut said:

If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:

which pretty much sums up my own feelings, minus the whole god part).

Anyway, the music is very important. That's why each soundtrack has its own "Atlantis Theme" and why I took great care in describing their voices in "Coniurati" Pars 2.

Whenever I imagine Atlantis' songs, I imagine her voice to be like Loreena McKennitt, who remains one of my favorite artists after almost a decade of listening to her work. (Her CD, The Book of Secrets, remains one of my favourites, and is one of my go-tos when I'm having a hard time falling asleep or having a really bad day.) Some really good examples of her voice and lyrical style are: "Caravanserai," "Green Sleeves", "The Mummer's Dance," and "Dante's Prayer." The last is one of my very favourites.

IE, we're taking Wagnerian dramatic soprano like voice:

A dramatic soprano is a type of operatic soprano with a powerful, rich, emotive voice that can sing over, or cut through, a full orchestra. Thicker vocal folds in dramatic voices usually (but not always) mean less agility than lighter voices but a sustained, fuller sound. Usually this voice has a lower tessitura than other sopranos, and a darker timbre. They are often used for heroic, often long-suffering, tragic women of opera. Dramatic sopranos have a range from approximately middle C (C4) to "high D" (D6). Some dramatic sopranos, known as Wagnerian sopranos, have an exceptionally big voice that can assert itself over a large orchestra (of more than 80 or even 100 pieces). These voices are substantial, often denser in tone, extremely powerful and, ideally, evenly balanced throughout the vocal registers. Wagnerian sopranos usually play mythic heroines. Successful Wagnerian sopranos are rare and often Wagnerian roles are performed by Italianate dramatic sopranos.

Now, as for Aurora's voice.... Well, I imagine her to be like a child. Unrefined, but still powerful. In short, (somewhat embarrassingly), I rather imagine her voice to be like Taylor Swift's:

[...] has been described as "sweet but soft." [...] Rolling Stone, in a Speak Now review, remarked: "Swift's voice is unaffected enough to mask how masterful she has become as a singer; she lowers her voice for the payoff lines in the classic mode of a shy girl trying to talk tough." [...]

In a live setting, Swift, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "does her best, but certainly doesn't have the pipes to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Christina Aguilera or Carrie Underwood. Her live vocals have been described as "flat," "thin, and sometimes as wobbly as a newborn colt." However, Swift has received praise for refusing to correct her pitch with Auto-Tune. [...] Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records has conceded that Swift is "not the best technical singer" but describes her as the "best communicator that we've got."

IE, the musical opposite of Loreena McKennit's, and of that sad, sweet, young sound we get in "Safe & Sound", "The Last Time", and "Everything Has Changed."

And, well, those are my thoughts.
I love your use of music! It's really nice to be able to put a voice to what's described in fic. I wonder what John or Lorne would say if they stumbled on these two artists?
:D Well, we're a little before Taylor Swift's rise to fame in the fic at the moment, so..... We'll have to wait to see if they ever go back to earth and catch a Top 40 station. As for Loreena McKennitt.... well, since I literally take the words from one of her songs for use as one of the Great Caravaning songs in "Coniurati," we'll just have to pretend that she either, sadly, doesn't exist in this AU. Or something along those lines.

But I really do love her music.

Aww. Or perhaps she could be the one who wrote one of the Great Caravaning songs long ago :P I only know one of her songs, sadly.
(nod) YouTube some of her stuff. It's really amazing.