Confessions of a Grocery Store Clerk

This is a list of things I hate to be called at work:

  • Honey

  • Sugar

  • Sweetheart

  • Darling

  • Dear

  • Hun

I'd add "Miss" to the list, but I acknowledge that some people might not be able to read/see my clearly visible name tag, and they need to address me some way.

This is a list of things I'd prefer customers not do at work:

  • Try to ring up 50+ items in the 15 Items or Less Lane

  • Justify their choice of paper/plastic/double paper/double plastic/paper in plastic to me

  • Want double paper

  • Answer "bags" when I ask "paper or plastic?"

  • Change their mind about bags halfway through the bagging

  • Make me rebag items when they decide they want a different kind

  • Touch me in any way, shape or form

  • "Flirt"

  • Tell me I can't carry out their groceries and to get a "big stropping man" to do it

  • Ask why a "young lady" is bagging instead of running a register

  • Act surprised when I know exactly where the item you're looking for is

  • Ask for an item such as "bread" that is clearly labeled on its very own aisle

  • Watch me like a hawk as I bag their groceries

  • Run to get another item while theirs are being rung up

  • Watch the monitor like a hawk as the cashier rings up their items and complain about the cost

  • Say "I thought that was on sale" when the item very clearly rings up on sale on the monitor

  • Pushes the cart down the wrong side of the checkout

  • Watch their groceries pile up at the end of the belt when there's no bagger, do nothing about it, and then complain about how long everything is taking after their cashier begins to bag all their items at the end of the transaction

  • Buy $60 wine

I'm sure there are more, but this is what I get off the top of my head. I know some of these seem stupid or nitpicky or frivolous, but they get on my nerves after a while.
The wonders of Retail. I at least try to be friendly and polite to the checkout operator.

Bagger?Bagger? We dont have baggers we do it ourselves and we are encouraged to bring our own bags or buy stronger hessian and jute and my supermarket gives me loyalty points for every own bag used they call them Green Points

it's a "full service" grocery store. very high end. these people don't like to do any more work then they have to. in the summers, the lot is full of lexuses - leading other stores to call ours the "Lexus Lowes"