So my mom works software support and programing for a company that, among other things, does programs for jails.

So she logged in to work on a particular software program the other day and in so doing pulled up the internal how-to-guide for that program for reference, as she'd not worked on that particular one in a while.

So she pulls up this googleDoc and scrolls through the pages looking for what she needs, only to pause halfway through on a printscreen of the booking page. Because there, booked into a jail in the middle of Texas, is our cat Biscuit, complete with a five year old picture, that she'd uploaded years ago when testing the program.

The best part isn't the picture. The best part is that someone consciously made the decision to use that picture out of all the other pictures in the database, and then post it on an internal document that's certainly been barely modified for use by her customers.