CompSci: A Thought

I think 30% of programing is writing down code and 70% is muttering senselessly at your screen, trying to figure out why it's not working like you thought.
yea. I was working on my Java homework this morning and all went well until my very last println, and after several long minutes and muttering I finally realized it was because I had missed typed a "=" for a "+" somewhere along the way.

That's pretty much it, yes. Several of my professors have mentioned this unofficial rule. I believe one's exact words were "spending 20% of time to write 80% of code and 80% of time to write 20% of code", which is essentially what you said yourself - spending most of the time needed to finish a project staring at the code and wondering why it isn't working as it should :D
Yeah. I'm still at the early stages of learning Java, so the numbers are a bit skewed, but that's probably true.
:D Yeah. HTML is fairly easy. I'm learning Java now, which is a bit tougher. But I've had Javascript before, so there are some similarities.