Radar Love

I've nothing of real value to post today, unless one wants to hear my opinions about the possible war in Syria we may be getting ourselves into. But since that's probably inadvisable on a blog such as this, I've chosen to share the one and only YouTube video I've ever posted.

For part of my final seminar for my Digital Media degree, we had to create a music video. As my brother is a huge, Rock Band 3 fan, I conned him into playing Golden Earring's "Radar Love" four or five different times in a row, each on a different instrument. I believe my goal for this video was to use every sort of video effect Adobe has, mainly because that's the kind of thing that got you extra points with my professor.

This video is notable for that fact that 1) after almost 3 years, it's only gotten 24 views and, 2) around 2:40 comes the introduction of the "C-Lo," a dance that my brother invented and actually managed to gain some popularity among his High School and a certain sect of Appalachian ROTC students.

This is almost three years old, filmed from the doorway of my brother's bedroom in our old house, using the Rock Band version of the song, on Expert difficulty for all instruments (except for the drums. Those were on no-fail mode, as no one in my family has ever quite gotten the sense of timing or tempo enough to play otherwise. Though I used to play a mean Rock Band base....)