My Family

So, for those of you under the impression my father is a misogynistic jerk, I offer the following evidence that my dad is actually an equal opportunity jerk:

So my brother, a college junior, went out on the river as part of some sort of thing with his ROTC group yesterday. He managed to slice his foot open, requiring nine stitches. This is bad, because it means he can't do PT for a while, but not prohibitively bad, but when he called to get the insurance information, it somehow became an oh no, his whole army career is ruined, how will he pay for college because I'm not doing it, etc etc etc thing for dad more so than oh, are you alright.

I'm sure there was some you don't want to end up like your sister when he went to take my brother his insurance info too, but still. Fact remains, dad is equally a jerk to all members of the family, not just me.
*sarcasm on - NOT aimed at you*

Well, isn't it refreshing to see that it's not actually *you* that causes his jerkyness?

*sarcasm off*

It's a wonder he still has a family left and that not all of you have long ago packed your bags and have gone to search your luck elsewhere.

That guy needs help, seriously.

yeah. the last time mom suggested he get help was not pretty. In a loud way. Not a hitting way. We're mostly hoping he grows out of it.