Atlantis Blueprints

This is what happens when I get bored: I take perfectly normal pictures I find online of Atlantis and try to make blueprints from them.

My attempts for the North and South Piers are below.

The North Pier. It's a little hard to tell, but the grey-shaded areas here are places where the ocean comes thru - they're blue in the image, but my "color scan" didn't take, apparently. The South-East and South-West Piers would have the same basic design, only with different numbered towers. Obviously. (The numbers are of Terran origin and have nothing to do with the Ancient names for them.)

In case you can't read my handwriting (and, yes, it is awful), Tower 89 is the Auxiliary Control Tower - ie, John's old workplace. Towers 92 & 93 are military warehouses from ye olden days. Tower 99 is the headquarters of the Reformed Lantean Guard and Towers 100 & 105 are their barracks.

This is the South Pier. The East Pier is the same design as this one, and the West Pier is the same, minus the stabilizing unit (in darkest shading) here. On this particular pier, Tower 38 contains John and Rodney's new suite (on the topmost floor). Towers 50-53 is the Academia, ie, Atlantis' University, and Towers 40-43 are the IHC, ie, the new hospital.

Please keep in mind these are only the footprints of the buildings. They are still all the crazy shapes we see in the show, just... basically this shaped at the bottom.
I love the depth of thought and effort you put into things, bb ♥
Ohhh! Thank you for sharing your ideas! I love them as usual, and they also sparked some ideas of my own. Ironically, I had fiddled with this as well, not that long ago, just from a slightly different angle - namely how to address rooms and towers and other such things that need labelling / addressing before the City evolves to using actual named street addresses.
(nod) You're welcome to steal these if you'd like. I posted them here because I do, eventually, plan on having the numbers evolve into "street names" at some point, as the "colonists" become more at home on Atlantis.

I mostly just have issues with continuity I wanted to address, so... here you go.
This is fascinating, I love that you've done this, it really does ad to he interest of the stories.