Today was my first day of school in over 2 years.

Two years ago, I took 1 seminar for a special project I needed to get my associate's, which I got the teacher to do special for me because I was the only one that semester who needed it.

The year before that, I otherwise finished my degree and was waiting for the above seminar to open up.

I've not had a math class since Fall of 2007 - though my some miracle I managed to remember enough to place into the Calculus I need.

In short, school is not something I've done for a long time, despite my childhood ambition to be a professional student. (I was a strange child). And it wasn't too bad, though there was this whole wonderful parking snafu where the bus doesn't run to my parking lot until 9:30 am and nobody told anybody. It's on a really tiny corner of their website, and I've 8am classes 4x a week (like today).... So luckily I was able to park in a parking structure. And luckily one of the municipal lots had slots left - though doing this necessitated walking to town hall, which is actually on the far side of campus, but still, it was stressful. And expensive, like most the rest of the day.

But I've Analytical Physics at 8am, Calculus at 9am, Physics Lab at 11am, and Computer Science Lab at 2pm today. Luckily the labs were shortened because it was just first day of classes and all, so I could do all this extra stuff, but I've a feeling it's going to go okay. If I can manage to balance my scheudle. But today is my only bad day - I'm out of class by noon on Mondays and Wendsdays, at 10 am on Thurs, and 11am on Fri. And my work is willing to work with me (unlike the last time I attempted doing both, which was just insane, and my work would often schedule me for 2 hours before I got out of class, knowing I had class).

Didn't see Dad or brother on campus today (their class together is tomorrow btw. I'll let you know how it goes). But they're PoliSci majors and I'm a Comp Sci, so, different sides of campus. Apparently.

Wish me luck

What kind of place schedules you to work when they know you have class? They're either dumbasses or malicious. So many early mornings - I have a 10am class that goes until 11:55, and thinking about it makes me tired already~
AT&T was evil. Good money, but evil. (The day the 2nd iPhone came out was a glorious day. I didn't have to "work". I just rang up iPhones and got beautiful commissions checks for it.)

But I hold out for malicious. My first manager was good, but then he got transfered and the second set wasn't so great.
Comp Sci, actually. The physics, calc, and CS class are all part of my major. The Health is one of my handful of gen ed classes I still need.

:D I do love to learn.