I had my transfer student orientation today at Appalachian. That was something else - not too bad, just common fair, but long. And I despair for my fellow human beings. One girl, signed up to be an education major, managed to mess up her schedule so bad I worry for her future students. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice human being, but....

In other news, in the whole group for the Computer Sciences majors, I was the only female. typically there are <30 people in that major each year, apparently, and by photos I get the sense that only 1 or 2 of those are females. And all of 4 masters students graduate a year too - though it seems like a really nice program. Maybe if things go well for me I'll stick around for my masters. The intern possibilities look great too, so I'm thinking I'll try for one of those summer of '15.

The textbook rental thing they have is cool too. The only book I had to pay for is my stupid online book for my phsycial education class. The rest I only have to pay for if I don't return them by 16.12.13. Though my physics, calculus, and java books are competing to see which is larger. I think one of them might even have grown on the walk back to my car. It promises to be an exciting semester. 15 credit hours, 4 classes, 2 labs, and a slightly reduced work schedule.

God. Classes start next tuesday and I'm starting to get really, insanely nervous. It's been years since I've been in school - and that was a terrible little community college. I'm sure it'll be fun, but I'm worried I'm getting in over my head with school and work and this will end up badly like everything else I've ever tried (Navy, college the first time, etc etc etc). It's like my whole adult life has been a string of really good looking but unfortunate life decisions, and I don't want this to be one of them.

In other news, some of the school systems think I'm an international student, since I was born in Germany, but not all of them, and I'm only being charged in-state (thank god). I managed not to get confused with my brother (a junior) or my dad (a senior) once, or run into anyone who recongized the name, but I did run into my brother in the book rental line. Weird. Also, half of them think I'm a junior, but I only have 60 transferable credit hours, so that makes me a sophomore - but, again, that's not all systems. Very weird.

Wish me luck.
I wish we had textbook rental. My financial aid only covered $50 of my books, so I had to pay $50 out of pocket :\ I'm thinking I may try to find the books online and return the ones I've bought to the school.
(nod) sounds like a good idea. The textbook rental thing is great - it would have cost like $300 more for all my books without it.

You'll be just fine. Keep your head in the game, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Just take one thing at a time. And if you start to feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew, put everything aside for 45 minutes and go for a walk, then come back to it. Make sure you schedule time to study.
This is going to be a great semester.
:D I'll try, bb, but I don't even have 45 minutes in my schedule to go for a walk, unless it's at night.

I'm sure i'll be fine, but i wouldn't be me without the angsty wory.
Luck! You'll do fine; I took the long route to get my degree, so I know a bit how you feel.
(nod) If I graduate on time, it'll be ten years after I got my HS degree and 5 years after I got my associates. Which is probably nothing my distinguished high school would care to publish, unless I manage to get particularly rich or famous in the process.

I don't really care about what they think. But sometimes I think back to all the plans I had in HS and wish I'd done so much differently... Planned better. Or planned for happiness rather for a degree. Or... so much.

Is it natural to write AU's of your own life in your head?
I think when you get to where we are, you're just glad you got here. I know I am. Waste of time regretting things, though it's natural.

I have always wandered through my life writing AUs in my head! I'm glad someone else does that, too.
The world is not enough.

But yeah. I'm worried this will turn out just like everything else and am scared to be hopeful... but hopefully it will work out.