General Comments

Holiday season is fast coming to a close here in the High Country. To which extent my hours at work are being severely cut back - but, in an effort to give me as many hours as possible, my department head is sending me over to the vastly understaffed Boone store twice a week for the foreseeable future to cover their To Go department. I worked Thursday there and I've seen busier Sundays at the Banner Elk store.... and I have to work there again today. Its no fun, but it's hours, so.... I guess I can deal. But we have to wear the aprons there, which sucks, and it's a weird low-profile store, so the shelves are all really funky heights and everything is in weird places and I hate it. Even if it is closer.

Also, I've come to the realization that my problem with the next installment of AJ is that I'm litterally drowning in backstory. I have so much of it that it's hard to advance the plot, but I can't advance the plot without at least giving the character's some back story with which to do it... so we'll see how it goes. I work 2-7 today, so I've a nice morning writing session with which to try it.

My school orientation is next wendsday. Classes start the tuesday after that. Should be... interesting. Dad will be a senior, my brother a junior, and me a sophomore. Dad and brother are even taking a polisci class together, which should be all kinda of exciting. We're trying to get mom to go in for her masters so we're all there at once, but no dice yet.