I have sold my soul... the god that is Apple, and I have no regrets.

Dear readers, I write you this now from my brand new MacBook Pro, which I have spent entirely too much money on, and which may very well be the death of me if my Financial Aide Money doesn't come in before the credit card bill. It should, but I still worry - because it's tax free weekend here, and so now was the best time to get it, though I had thought wait. Plus,the $100 gift card with purchase, so...

It was exciting this morning going to pick it up, mainly because my credit card company decided it was a fraudulent purchase, being as how I've never dropped more than $900 dollars at once on anything (and that was for my iPad, about a year ago). So that was fun, and then I got to hide it away in the Lowes to Go office all during work so it wouldn't melt in the sun, and then I got to bring it home and play with it. I'm still in the fun "getting everything set up" and "why the hell isn't the touchpad working like I expect it to?" phase. But I'm liking it so far. Plus, it doesn't make odd noises when I turn it on, like my old computer did, which is always a plus. Though it may take a lifetime to download all my music from the iCloud - and then copy over everything I copied onto my original laptop a lifetime ago from CD.

I don't think I've bought a physical CD in years, but that's a different story. How fully Apple has devoured my life (and soul).

Anyway, other than that, things were okay today at work, though tedious. I had no orders to shop, so I mostly bagged and covered the cashiers' breaks. Though I did help "ring up" all the seafood we had to get rid of after one of the freezer's broke - we're talking like 4, 5 carts of stuff. At least $4000 worth of merchandise. A lots of smelly shrimp, mussels, crawfish, and fillets. Though I did discover trout costs $10.38 a pound, putting a normal fish at almost $50, and that our store sells ground alligator meat, I kid you not.

My mom and brother are at a free concert tonight in the Big City, and I'd be more jealous if I liked more of the band's songs and didn't have this bb to play with (I named it Icarus. My iPad already being Atlantis. And various older computers, hard drives, and the like already having taken "HAL", "Skynet", "Overlord", and "Andromeda Ascendant," and the like.

Last but not least, I think I've finally caught a break on the next installment of the AJ 'verse, so hopefully I should have something up before too much longer.
it's not so appealing after being defrosted and refrozen. And dripping.

And I usually name them after evil computer overlord, but I ran out of sentient AIs to name them after, so I went for a slightly evil character of my own devision - the Icarus of AJ past - because going with Lucifer seemed a bridge too far.