Ultimate Slash Madness: The Seed Round

Originally posted by georgiesmith at Ultimate Slash Madness: The Seed Round
McShep has made it to the seeding round, but to get into the actual competition they need your votes. I'm going to be lazy and just paste the post from The Backlot here:

Ultimate Slash Madness: Seed Round

Who knew there were so many popular slash couples? After over a thousand comments and hundreds of #OTPNominee Tumblr posts, we’re having some difficulty narrowing the field down to just 32 competitors. We need your help to make the final cuts for the Ultimate Slash Madness tournament. Below you will see the 60+ fantasy slash couples that were most often mentioned during last week’s nomination period. Please vote for your favorites. You may vote up to once per hour and you can select up to five slash couples each submission.

Voting in this special seed round closes 11:59pm Eastern on Wednesday.At that time the 32 pairings with the most votes will be seeded in the tournament. Don’t let your favorite OTP fail to make the cut!

Remember you can vote once an hour! (from each of your mobile devices...)