The thing I find most fascinating about the Ancients is how they define themselves. They are the Altera - quite litterally, The Others.

(Alter, Alterius - being the adjective for "the one, the other (of two); the second, the next; fellow man; different").

Think about that, though. You have the most powerful, oldest, greatest species in the universe. And they call themselves "The Others". Usually people tend to name themselves "The First" or something indicating primacy and/or power and/or specialness. But calling oneself "other" is almost immediately exclusionary - of themselves.

What kind of past must a species have had to name themselves such? In AJ I suggest the loss of the 'Schisma' to the 'Haeretici', or Ori, and honestly do think something along those lines must be canon to explain what we see in series, but even if it's not... No race proud of its past would call itself thus. Something dark must have happened there. They must be the sole survivors of 'something' to earn themselves that name.
That's...actually really fascinating. I never thought about it much, but yeah.

That's fascinating - the fact itself and to think about it. :-)
Interesting thought, I never even realized they had a name for themselves o_O (I'm not that perceptive a watcher, I tend to get caught up in the emotions)

Oh and happy AJ anniversary too! *hugs* I'm sorry to say I still haven't had the chance to start reading it, because I want to be able to concentrate on it fully. You make it all sound so interesting!
Yeah, it's mentioned once in "Avalon, part II", and that's about it. But they refer to themselves as The Others a lot, which is about a direct translation, so I figure it works.

And you should read it! (And I'm not just saying this to get more reveiws. I love getting other people's opinons on what I write, and I'd love to get yours.) I've 2.5 seasons done and it'll probably be another 2 years (GOD) before I finish the series, so... you've got time.
I'd really love to read it ^_^ Just have to get this troublesome McShep match fic done first. It just keeps expanding! I have no idea how well the story is holding together, and it's not even finished yet -_- On the other hand, that's how most of my fics are born :D
I've tried starting my mcshep match fic a hundred times now, and I just HATE it. it's very hard. hopefully yours is going better
I'm sorry to hear that *hugs* I don't hate mine, I'm just terribly worried I won't be able to make it as good as I want within the timeframe -_- (and what I do hate, is putting out something I'm not at least 80% happy with.)

If you wanna throw some ideas at me, I have a gmail address under my username. Hope you'll hang on, there's still time left.
nah, i have the idea, it just looks AWFUL on paper and i hate it and myself every time I try to write it, IDK. I've developed like this block for it. or something. le sigh.