On Calendars

So I did this the other day, because this is the kind of person I am. IE, a world-builder trying to elbow her way into an already built world.

Mainly because I realized that, after the Second Exodus, Atlantis is no longer bound by Terra. Not that the Georgian calendar ever made much sense for a city older than humanity on a planet in a different galaxy with a 28 hour day and a 313 day year. But still, what would you base a calendar on then?

Me? I basically stole the idea from the Romans, who counted everything ab urbe condie, or after the founding of Rome. Only if you were to do that with the founding of Atlantis, you'd get dates in the 65 millions or so, so I did the next best thing and set the calendar ab foedere condit, or after the founding of the Confederation.

Which basically makes the first day of the calendar 10 October, 2006, which is when the Treaty was signed. This is Kalendae ab foedere conditi I, for reasons I will go into below.

Now I largely chose a 313 day orbital period for Lantea because, when you take a 28 hour day into account, it brings their calendar startlingly close to Earth's, so things match up. A Lantean year is a Terran year as well, more or less. So 1 year under this calendar is the same length, even if it goes from 10 October - 9 October.

But I discovered that if you do 8 months of 39 days, plus one extra day, you get a nicely even calendar without all those "thirty days hath September" rhymes to remember. I chose to put the extra day at the start of the calendar, because the Kalendae is the Roman first day of the month, and it seemed a nice carry-over of ideas. One influencing the other.

So: 10 October = Kalendae. 10 October, 2006 is Kalendae a.f.c. I; 10 October, 2007 is Kalendae a.f.c II. and 10 October, 2008 is Kalendae a.f.c. III, and so on.

But what about the rest of the year? Well, I divided the remainder into 8 months of 39 days each - but, as they're Lantean day, that adds up to 8 months of 45.5 Terran days. So that's why the calendar looks a little not right to Earth eyes. I named them after the traditional Roman month names, and technically it has me giving traditionally "winter" month names to the Lantean rainy season, ie, summer, but... we'll survive.

So a year is:

Terran Dates

Lantean Month

10 October Kalendae Kal.
11 October - 24 November Ianuarius Ian.
25 November - 9 January Martius Mar.
10 January - 23 February Aprilius Apr.
24 February - 10 April Maius Mai.
11 April - 25 May Iunius Iun.
26 May - 10 July Quintilis Qui.
11 July - 25 August Sextils Sex.
26 August - 9 October Septembris Sep.

Which I know seems ridiculous and confusing and unnecessary (and probably is), but is what we're going with.

So 11 October, 2006 would be I Ianuarius ab foedere conditi I, or I Ian. a.f.c. I. 12 October, 2006 would be II Ian. a.f.c. I, and so on through 24 November, 2006, which would be XXXIX Ian. a.f.c. I. Christmas would always be on XXV Mar., and the Terran New Year would fall on XXXII Mar. (as would most of New Year's Eve), and so forth and so on.

Now you're also probably wondering about the a.f.c. business. It's short for ab foedere conditi, which is, again, after the founding of the Confederation. To talk about some time before the Confederation would be an.f.c., or ante foederem conditi, or before the founding of the Confederation. So the year before the Confederation was founded (10 October, 2005 - 9 October, 2006) would be an.f.c. I. The year before that (10 October, 2004 - 9 October, 2005) would be an.f.c. II. By this count, the Expedition arrived on Atlantis on XXXVII Qui. an.f.c. III.

Also, because nothing can ever be simple, one can also chose different ways of counting/naming the years - just like you can do AD/CE or BC/BCE in our current calendar. So a.f.c. I can also be a.s.i. I or ab saeculi imperatore I, or after the Epoch of the Empire. It can also be s.i. I, or saeculum imperatoris I, or Epoch of the Empire. If you want to get into reignal years, it would be a.i. I, or aetas Iohannis I, or during the Reign of Imperator Iohannes. And, for those of the Confederation that are religious, it could be a.d.m. I, or aetas dei manifesti I, or in the age of the God Manifest.

Any questions?
ooh!! Very nice! :D

I very very much like when you do these snippets. They usually have interesting results, are interesting in themselves (i.e. 'what needs to be thought through'), and just plain assures me that I'm not the only insane one thinking and planning through *everything*, even if I'll likely ever only use the notes I created for a throw-away line or as a only-known-to-me backstory.

yes. exactly. this sort of thing makes me feel very tolkien-esque, and ever I ever publish original fiction it will have loads of appendices.
I'm sitting here somewhat slack-jawed because your mind is a complicated and awe-inspiring place - sharp as a razor and apparently always working on overdrive.

The things you come up with! Always intelligent, coherent and leaving me baffled because you think things through I wouldn't even *start* to think about, let alone being able to put something coherent together.