untitled drabble #76

Title: untitled drabble #76
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, Aurora, Atlantis, Ancient!John
Warnings: after "Percantator" in the Ancient!John 'Verse
Summary: This is probably not the fluff you're looking for
Notes: I tried to start on my McShep Match fic. Got this instead. Was going to be the start of the next installment, but..... No. I'll explain the calendar in some other post, but basically enjoy.
1) The Czech is "Are you dying?" and "Wake me up when you decide," respectively. 2) I do fluff poorly, I'm sorry.

An Ancient!John Drabble

* * *

"We love the things we love for what they are." -- Robert Frost

* * *
11 December, 2006 / IVX Martius 'ab foedere conditi' I - Atlantis, Lantea, Pegasus

It has all the makings for a lazy Sunday morning. There's nothing he has to do, nowhere he has to go - and now that the others are gone, nothing he has to worry about either. He can just stay here in his soft, warm bed and doze for as long as he wants.

It's not something he normally has time or inclination for, but right now everything is perfect, from the heavy lassitude of his muscles to the solid back pressed tightly to his chest to the faint hint of warm, buttery light creeping through the porthole. It's a wonderful, heady feeling and if there is any justice in the universe, it would let him bottle this moment up forever and set it somewhere outside of time and space, where it could never be tainted by anything bad or ugly or loud, only visited when he needs to remember why he started down this path. Why he forswore all his oaths and forsook the planet of his birth:

Because people matter.

Because there are some duties that others can't absolve one of.

Because everyone must leave their childhood home.

Because (and this is the one he's almost afraid to admit to himself) Earth has changed. Once, they stood up for what was right. Going up against the goa'uld was the moral thing to do, but now that the Ori are their enemies, their battles seem to be less about defending the defenceless and more about maintaining their hegemony over the galaxy. They explore the universe beating their fists upon their chests, and what was once pure and noble and beautiful has become tainted by too many secrets and too much power and too few limitations.

Yes, Evan had chosen Atlantis because it is home, but even a month of thinking of himself as Lantean and not Tau'ri is enough to notice some of what he'd been too close to see before. The age of exploration is over, at least as far as Earth is concerned. The Old Guard is taking the place of the innovators and risk-takers, bringing with them all the worst parts of the military, and before long everything that he loved about the SGC will be taken over by big military and their pointless rules and ever stupider ideas about their role in the galaxy.

He had Rory in orbit of Earth for the better part of a week. He could have let the SGC know what Sheppard had asked him to do at any time, but he didn't. He hadn't even thought about it at the time. How much of that was sense of duty to his new command and how much loyalty to a man he, in all truth, knows next to nothing about?

But Sheppard has never wanted power, that much he's always known. He will change the galaxy for its own sake but his plans mean less to him than the people in them. That's enough to get on with, and the rest Evan can figure out when the morning light becomes to harsh to ignore.

So he closes his eyes and spoons himself closer to Radek - a difficult task, given how close they already are - and lets himself drift through the currents of his subconsciousness back to sleep.

* * *
Only to be startled awake all too soon by a sharp prod to his mind that sends him scrambling reaching for his weapon. Before his mind can quite process that it's only Rory screeching at an ungodly loud volume (and hour), the ship continues, /Ar-gat-hel-i-an-us!/ making each syllable a bright staccato burst that have him rushing to cover his ears-

-which isn't really such a great thing to do when already precariously perched on the edge of a narrow bed, and sends him tumbling to the floor even as 'Lantis whispers harshly-

/'Aurora'! What did we say?/

/Don't break the 'pas-tor',/ Rory repeats dully before insisting, /but we weren't! We were just try-ing to-/

/Apologise to your 'frater'./

/But 'Ma-ter'-!/

/Now, 'Aurora'./

Sulkily, /Sor-ry, Ar-gat-hel-i-an-us,/ she manages at a more reasonable volume.

Evan groans, throwing an arm over his eyes but otherwise staying as he fell. "This is not happening," he mutters. "This is not my life." This denial is just about all he has the inclination for, his body not quite having caught on to the fact it's supposed to be awake now. Maybe if he just keeps his eyes closed he can pretend. Maybe if he closes them tightly enough, it will never have happened at all.

Sounds of a sleepy shuffle come from the bed above. "Evan? 'Jste umírá'?" Radek murmurs tiredly.

"Probably," he sighs, lowing his arm and trusting in his translation matrix. "I'm not sure yet."

"Ah. 'Probud' mê kdyz se rozhodnete'," he says with minimum clarity into his pillow, and before Evan can get any further clarification the sound of soft snorting fills the room.

Evan snorts, glad at least one of them is getting their lie in. "So, Rory," he asks as he tries to untangle himself from the sheets he'd managed to take with
him during his fall, "what is it you wanted to tell me so badly?"

/On-ly that 'Pa-ter' is com-ing, but that's not im-por-tant an-y-more be-cause he's-/

The door chime goes off.

/-al-read-y here,/ she finishes lamely. Then, obviously seeing no point in delaying the inevitable, she slides the doors to his quarters open. Naturally. Because his life has somehow managed to become a comedy of errors in between all the sex and treason.

Or something. Evan's not sure all his pistons are firing at the moment. (Whether that's because of the embarrassment or the concussion he's most likely sporting is another question entirely. He's investing in carpeting next chance he gets.)

The Colonel manages three steps into the room before noticing his predicament. He pauses and appears to consider turning around before asking (quite levelly, it must be said), "Argathelianus?"


"Why are you on the floor?"

Evan points at the overhead. It seems the most diplomatic explanation.

"Yeah," he says with a fond note in his voice, "I've had those days."

He doesn't offer Evan a hand up, or look at him askance for staying on the floor, or even offer him a knowing smirk for Radek's still-sleeping presence in his bed. What he does do is rock back on his heels as he examines the small changes Evan's made to 'Aurora's' Captain's Quarters since basically moving in a month ago to escape the guy's hell of an extended family. For some reason what he sees makes him happy, because the already chipper smile Sheppard's sporting becomes almost ridiculous in the moments before he asks:

"So, I know you only just got back, but you mind running another errand for me?"

When you have completed this entire series l would love to have it all in pdf format like a book so l can keep it
I think you have a good handle on fluff. This was really sweet, it made me smile and left me feeling warm :D