Okay, just so you guys know, the store where I'm working at now litterally starts become flooded with "seasonals" - ie, people up from Florida to spend the summer in their second homes in the gated commmunities with dual stone gatehouses and actual attendants in said gatehouses and their tennis courts and whatnot - and around the Fourth of July things become a deluge.

Seriously, yesterday every single person employed at my store was working. I did a nine hour shift, and every lane was open, and there were lines and we we had people running the self-checkouts like real checkouts just to get people through faster and it CRAZY. Despite the ridiculous amount of rain we had. Today promises to be just as mad.

Upshot of this? When I finally have an idea of what to write, I'm too tired to write, and when I have time to write, like now, I'm paralysed by fear that I'm going so completely OoC that it's awful. That everything I've ever written is awful. That I'm going so slowly that no one's even reading this series anymore. That no one likes it, that it's become riddiculous...

And yeah. This is why I prefer to write things in as few sittings as possible. Less time for doubt. But I only work 7 hours today, so I might be able to get this finished tonight. Hopefully, but probably not. Le sigh.

Thanks bb. Sometimes all I need is people to remind me they still care. I'm very insecure about my writing at times.

I'll try to have a good holiday, but I don't even get time and a half, so it's just work, work, work and deal with a whole bunch of rich entitled fuddy duddies. Le sigh.
I love your series and you are not too slow. You have had a lot of events over the last 6 months and real life sometimes has to intrude on our hobbies and past times no matter how serious those interests are and I understand very well how that feels. Its been only over the last few weeks I have been able to get out with my camera and just open my mind and take pictures grabbing whatever inspiration has caught my attention.

All I can suggest is in regard to your writing is just to go with the flow and write. And don’t give up I have confidence in you, you are a good writer. And you can always email me if you want to rant or just chat.
I'm still here and I still love the series. Go at your own pace, don't let people trod all over you with demands for 'more fic! now!". IMHO, while it's nice to get feedback (and quickly) it's even better and worth more when one has done their best, not rushed with posting, and thus get even better comments :)

As seadragonlady said: "It is your universe after all and you are the boss of all you survey." I agree 200%

And good luck with real-life stuff. Your posts for the last while don't sound like you've had all that great time.
yeah, the last little while has sucked. It's starting to settle down now, but... ::shakes head::

I'm glad you still love the series. It's not even that other people want more fic, now. It's that I want to post more stuff, now, and never seem to have time/energy to write anymore because of RL. Le sigh.

thanks bb for the support, and I'm glad you're still reading along. ::hugs::

thank you bb. as I said, I get really insecure about my writing if I've time to look/reread/think about it too much. Le sigh. I hate that real life has made this so backburner. I'm just glad people are still enjoying it - and willing to listen to me rant.
*HUG* I'm sorry things are going your wait recently. Perhaps you'll be hit by a fit of inspiration and desire to write? :D It can happen~

It's so frustrating how difficult writing is! I will be online later tonight to listen if you need a soundboard or just someone to complain to ♥ It's even more difficult when you're working against a deadline =.= I can never write well when I'm forced to, and yet having a deadline motivates me to write.

All I can do is wish you luck, bb! Your fans will wait patiently for your next bit :)
:D The problem is less the inspiration, more of the fact that it comes when I can't write. and when I have time too, I get plauged by doubts.

All i know is I want to finish it, then I can work on my McShep Match fic. I'm mostly finished with it (the next installment) now, it's just... i'm very concerned with how it will be received.