It lives

Do not worry! I am alive.
Things have just been crazy in RL. Work is going into the full vacation season upswing, complete with grocery store orders in the excess of $700, purchases of 48 bottles of wine at once, identical Lexus's in the lot - leading to much confusion - and the mistaken ringing up of 24 watermelons - to the cost of $198. Plus the whole trailer mess, which was thwarted by my "limited credit history," nevermind my near perfect credit score.

But I have prevailed, and dad has agreed to go back to the original plan, the one we agreed on In SEPS, about renovating the one car garage into a proper bedroom. Around my work schedule, it has been painted, a loft has been built (and rebuilt when it prooved too tall at dad specifications,), and shelving purchased. It should be habitable tonight/tomorrow morning.

Never fear though, I've got a good chunk of the LAST chappie of "Exsul" written around the drama, and with luck that should be up soon.

Other drama has included a genuinely bad concert, a bear in the front yard, dad being dad, work being work, and the cats protesting the lack of sleeping places in my room while it's being fixed up. Pics will be up as soon as I've acess to a real computer. Ttfn, Aadarshinah.
It sounds like things are coming together! I can't wait to see the room :)