Game of Thrones S2 commentary

FYI, I actually finished S2 a couple days ago, after a long hiatus between episodes.

Conclusion, it's beautifully done, as always, but I just wasn't feeling it at the finale. The whole "Blackwater" episode was amazing, with special effects and music and just the general battle and flinging of magefire, but...

Frankly, while I find the politics intriguing, that's really all that I'm watching for at this point. Only a handful of characters really interest me - Daenerys and Arya, mainly, though Tyrion is working his way into my list of Characters I Actually Care About - and inevitably they're the ones that only have a few min each episode, or no appearances at all.

Oh well. I went into this expecting not to be bored, not wowed, so at least I was successful that far. Though John Snow has come close to putting me to sleep once or twice.

I still, rather strongly, ship Arya/Gendry, which at least has more evidence towards it this season. Plus I've kinda found the whole Daenerys/Jonah ship has snuck up on me as well. But other than that, I could really give a flying frak. GoT seems to be a lot of good-looking people making bad decisions with other good-looking people, and it really just makes me shake my head.

I'll still prob watch S3 though. If I can ever get it off iTunes. Or find a way to watch HBO to Go without ordering HBO.