Star Trek: Into Darkness commentary

Sorry this is so long delayed, but RL made my reaction post for this movie uber-delayed. All for the better though, because I've just come from seeing the movie for a SECOND time, and, boy, is it even better.

First off, this movie is nothing short of amazing. It's faster paced than the first, and it just BRILLIANT. The whole cast is amazing - I'm particularly in love with Scotty in this movie - but it's Benedict Cumberbatch who makes the movie. His Khan is beyond question - the TOS Khan was utterly over the top, quoting Shakespeare at every turn and more warrior than thinker, though he was that. The AOS Khan is slightly more the opposite, but there's no denying his Khan is now THE Khan in my mind. There's no Shakespeare, but he gives Khan motivation and believably and CHARACTER, and right up until the moment he proved otherwise, I really, really wanted him to be good this time. Or at least, on our side. I figured, 'alternate universe, it can happen,' and I wanted it to happen so badly.... But this was better. This was brilliant.

Plus, every time he put on a long coat, he got even better. (Though I admit, while I love him in this and Sherlock, I don't particularly find him attractive. He's a brilliant actor and that's the extent of my fangirlish love for him.)

(Speaking of sexuality though, for an instant, I know what some people say about JJ Abrams and his dismissal of women, but I don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be. And I hope whatever idiots think that a gay man can't play an action hero, I'd like to point you towards Zachery Quinto. Granted, I can't call any actors playing gay action heroes off the top of my head, but still. Take that naysayers.)

Secondly, while the first AOS movie was very much Spock's story, this one is very Kirk oriented. It's Kirk's journey from a cocky cadet to a true captain - sacrificing himself for the crew, dying for the crew.... It's brilliant. (Insert incoherant Kirk/Pine love here. In the non-meta-slashy way.)

(Bones will always be my favourite though.)

And his death scene.... It was brilliant. So much like Spock's in Wrath of Khan but with the decidedly more human twist the Kirk/Spock relationship has taken this time. (Because I believe, for all Spock's Vulcan-ness, he's decidedly more human in this version - for understandable reasons - ie, more in touch with this emotions, though the whole "I'll miss you" thing from the beginning of the movie is decidedly like the "I feel fine" comment his counterpart makes in The Voyage Home.

(Insert more incoherent, universe striving to right itself feels.)

Speaking of the universe trying to right itself, there was a second when Scotty took the runabout to Jupiter that I thought he'd found a Borg cube. And now I really, really want to see the Borg in AOS. I mean, they're going off into deep space for their 5 year mission. I vote for Borg in the next one. Or Cardassians (which sounds so annoyingly like the Kardashians that I succeeded in confusing my mother when I told her this.) But I vote for Borg.

Speaking of other species, I love how many aliens/types of people are on this Enterprise. And is that one dude an android? I want him to be an android.

And Pike! I can't believe that they killed Pike! He was like my favourite! I loved papa!Pike fics.... and the way he calls Kirk "James" right before Khan opens fire on them.... ALL THE FEELS!!!!

(This may be more incoherent than if I'd actually written it after the midnight showing.)

My only complaint is Carol Marcus. Granted, she was a million times better than the original, but I just don't like the IDEA of her character. The actress did a wonderful job and there was more to her than meets the eye this go around, but I JUST DON'T like her. No reasons. Not even ship-y ones (and even I, a faithful Jim/Bones shipper, can see the Jim/Spock in this one, though I chose to ignore it). She just annoys me, end of story.

Though I'm sad we didn't get to see an extra bonus scene a law The Trouble with Tribbles with Bones up to his eyeballs in tribbles after giving them Khan's blood. That's a complaint too.

But mostly: 10 out of 10. Preorder as soon as I can. Possibly see in theatres for a third time. Watch this or suffer the consequences.

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