Random Thoughts About My Writing

Mom's been trying to get me to work on Original Stuff again - mostly because I think she's bored and wants something decent to read herself.

And I do have plans for a space opera I want to write, but I'm having difficulty fleshing out the non-main characters, even if I do have a fairly decent grasp on what I want the main ones to be like and what the overarching storyline of the first one or two books in the series might be like.

But the more I think about it, the more I'm worried the traditional, mainstream publishing route just isn't for me. Looking back over all the stories I've written, fanfic and otherwise, I've noticed that one of the major themes in my stories is what is it to be human? And not just in the normal sense, but in the trans-human/post-human/indistinguishable from God sense, which works well in certain audiences, but there's a reason why Marvel changed Extremis from the largely beneficial super-soldier nano-tech that helps make Tony and his suit one in Earth-616 to the dangerous, murderous virus it becomes in Earth-199999 (the cinematic 'verse). Transhumanism scares people. It's not mainstream, and I've never read mainstream novel that makes use of it.

Sure, books like the Revelation Space make excellent use of it, but, again, those are hardly mainstream, and even my own, SyFy loving mother didn't really get into them. And she found the posthumanist part of those to be the most off-putting.

Which brings me back to the main thrust of this, being that, if my ideas aren't mainstream, why try to write for a mainstream medium?

IDK. I really do want to finish the AJ 'verse before I get dragged into another, but I've a lot of work to go on it (I'm only halfway through SGA! And I've an S6 and post-series stuff I want to write for it!) as well as for the original series before I even begin to think about writing it. Le sigh.
Personally I would suggest finishing one project before doing another as you don't want to confuse yourself and get bogged down.

its not really serious bugging, it's more of subtle nagging that i'll probably eventually give into
I know sgamadison self-published on Amazon - you could try doing that? Or perhaps just offer it online, in part or in whole. I can see where it'd make people uncomfortable, but it's also very fascinating!