Unnecessary Update

My brother's life is, litterally, like a bad rom com. I've always been aware of this on some level, but concidering most of our interactions take pace over facebook, I wasn't aware of its extent until he basically filled me in on what's been happening with him this semester while I was driving him to the airport at 5am.

(Well, he had to be at the airport at 5 am. We had to leave the house at 1am, and I didn't get back until almost 9am... but that's another story).

The long and short of it is that my brother is, literally, the kind of wholesome, all-American boy-next-door TV tells you girls should want to date. Kinda Captain America-y, now that I think about it, with a little less muscle and fewer fistfights, but with the same freakish tallness. He, literally, walks drunk coeds back to their dorms to make sure their okay and the whole nine-yards. I'm not saying he's perfect, but he's the least damaged of all of us.

He also has a horrifically bad track record with relationships, with most of them crashing and burning rather spectacularly. I won't go into details to protect the innocent, but apparently he met two lovely ladies this week, and the one he's really interested in just got out of this long-term relationship thing and isn't quite ready for another one now. Add to that the fact his crush-of-last-year is finally starting to return his affections... AND the fact that he met the parents of his totally platonic girl best friend this week and the dad gave him the whole "what are your intentions?" talk.... and I've come to the conclusion my brother is inadvertently living in a romantic comedy. Or a cliche fanfiction.

But, yea, yesterday's adventure meant that I didn't get much done yesterday.... but I have my room back again, and about 1k of the next installment for the AJ 'verse in the can. I've also got my financial aide sorted out for next semester (I should have enough to be able to get a trailer or something to live in on my parents' land, so I'll be out of the house at last. ::crosses fingers::) and my classes registered. I've no idea how I managed to test into Calculus for my math (a good thing, as I need it to start my major classes, which are pretty much all I need with all my transfer credits), as I've not been in that kind of math since I was in high school... So, yeah, I've got a copy of "calculus for dummies" to order before school starts.

It actually is a wonderfully full schedule. I've not Intro to Computer Science I, Calculus with Analytical Geometry I, and Analytical Physics I next fall - two of which have labs - plus a b.s. PE because they wouldn't accept my credit for it from Chapel Hill, or all the stuff I did in Basic. Le sigh.

But anyway, all I gotta do now is get the health insurance figured out and I'll be golden.
it really, truely is. plus his girl best friend has our sister's name, and the two girls he really likes have almost identical names - something like Emma and Emily, or something like that. It's bizzare.